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  • Erin Hudgins

All About Invisible Dog Fences (and Will They Raise my Electric Bill?)

An invisible fence is a safe and cost-effective option for your energetic pup, but how does it affect your monthly electric bill? In short, you may notice a small increase every month but there are other factors that could impact installation cost, monthly charges and upkeep for your invisible dog fence.

How Do Electric Fences Work?

Invisible dog fences are wired fences installed underground that create safe boundaries for your pet. They send digital radio frequencies to a receiver in your dog's electric fence collar to train them to stay within the bounds of your yard, even with no physical fence present. When your pup gets close to the boundary limits of the fence, he will receive an audio warning first and then an electric correction to redirect his course.

Will the Electric Charge Hurt my Dog?

The electric charge that the dog feels when approaching the boundary of the fence is not painful or emotionally traumatic, but rather like an irritating static shock. The equipment will include instructions on how much correction is recommended for dogs at various weights, and you can adjust the settings to customize the charge to your specific dog's energy level and personality. It is a safe deterrent that effectively trains your dog to stay within the set limits of the yard while giving him the freedom to roam on his own.

What Type of Infrastructure is Needed for an Invisible Fence,

and How Much Will it Cost?

To install an invisible fence, electrically charged wires are placed three to four inches

below ground along the property’s perimeter. Boundary flags are placed along the path of the underground fence as a visual clue to help your pup remember the location of their boundary. A home base transmitter is often installed in the garage and transmits digital signals to the underground wiring, which then communicates with the collar. Pet fences can range in cost and size based on the dimensions of the property and size of the dog, but a typical installation will cost between $900 and $1500.

What are the Additional Costs of Having an Invisible Fence? Batteries for the collar need to be replaced every three to four months, which can cost around $90 a year, per dog. Most systems require a charger for your dog's collar, which can start at $50. The cost of energy usage required by your invisible fence will depend on the size of your property and weight of your dog, but will probably add less than $10 to your electric bill every month.

If you want to track the energy usage of your electric fence and other appliances throughout your home, you can install a smart home monitor to keep an eye on your

family's energy consumption and take control of your electric bill.

For more information on home energy monitoring or how to keep your pup safe with an invisible electric fence, give us a call at 540.552.5397

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