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Electric Vehicles

We install Level 2 and 3 EV (electric vehicle) chargers for residential and commercial customers. We can also lengthen the cords that were provided with your new vehicle for more convenient parking. Install a charger that will give you more freedom to go where you want, when you want to!



  • Charge up to 7x faster than the Level 1 cordset that came with your electric vehicle

  • Level 2 (240-volt) charging stations are more affordable than ever 

  • More convenient to charge at home than using a public station

  • Indoor/Outdoor rated (fully-sealed NEMA 4 enclosures)

  • Start everyday with a full tank




Benefits for the business owner: 

  • Increased sales from local and traveling customers who stop at your business to charge their electric vehicle

  • Attract and keep high-quality employees

  • Visible corporate citizenship


Our office EV fleet



EV charger installations are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. This credit includes the cost of the charger as well as the installation. 

Check out some of our recent EV Charger projects:

Shadowlake Village

Blacksburg, VA

We installed five pedestal EV chargers throughout the Shadowlake cohousing community, completing work in early 2021. 

These Level 2 Clipper Creek AmazingE FAST charging stations utilize 50 amps of power and are compatible with all plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. 

The rugged waterproof chargers will allow both residents and visitors alike to recover up to 30 miles of range per hour of charging.

TESLA Charging Station - Holiday Inn, Christiansburg, VA

We installed the first local commercial TESLA high power charging station! We partnered with TESLA to provide both a TESLA and Clipper Creek level 2 charging station. The TESLA charger provides 80 amps of continuous current and the adjacent Clipper Creek charger (for all other plug-in EVs) supplies 45 amps. Located at the Holiday Inn adjacent to the NRV Mall, this station will allow EV's to hop off the interstate and charge while their owners grab a bite to eat or spend the night. 

21248308_1682872845080574_5601899784447232643_o (1).jpg

Clipper Creek High Power EV charger

Blacksburg, VA

Clipper Creek electric-vehicle chargers are the most popular choice for EV owners in America, and we love installing them! The sleek stations are both indoor- and outdoor rated, and come standard with a 25-foot cable so you can charge your vehicle right where you park.


These chargers are compatible with any plug-in vehicle on the market. 

Get rid of your range-anxiety and charge up to 7X faster at home with this upgraded charger!

EV projects we've completed
CHPC EV Charger.jpg

Community Housing Partners

Christiansburg, VA


Residential Tesla wall connector installation


Blink public charger pedestal

Blacksburg, VA


Clipper Creek EV charger at our Blacksburg office


ChargePoint EV charger

Shadowlake Village

ChargePoint 50 amp charger

Shadowlake Village

Tesla Wall Connector

Shadowlake Village

ClipperCreek AmazingE charger

Shadowlake Village


ChargePoint 50 amp charger

Radford, VA


WallBox Pulsar Plus 40

Blacksburg, VA


Sense energy monitor tracks energy usage + EV charging costs


Tesla Gen 4 charger

Tesla charger on an historic homestead

Elliston, Va

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