Why choose Bell Electric to install your generator?

Our turnkey generator-installation process includes specific evaluation of your needs, design, installation, and commissioning. We also offer routine maintenance services. We serve both residential and commercial customers and have installed  everything from small portables to large standby generators that can power an entire facility. With our partners at Baseline Solar, we can also add solar and batteries to your backup mix.

Keep your home or business running while others can't

Power outages due to bad weather are increasing in frequency. Losing power in your home for just a few hours means spoiled food, no way to charge electronics, and discomfort for you and your family. Losing power at your business can mean thousands of dollars of lost revenue or worse. Plan ahead by installing a back-up power generator with Bell Electric.


Whether you need a 6-kilowatt emergency generator for your home or a

60-kilowatt generator for your business, there's a model that will work for you.

We'll tailor a package to your needs and budget, and professionally install

a power generation system that will kick in whenever the power goes out. 


What size back-up power solution do you need?

Part of our proven generator-installation process includes visiting your home or business to get a better understanding of your energy usage and backup power objectives. We design and size a power generation system that is both practical and cost-effective for your bottom line. Scroll down to check out some common generator sizes.


We install a range of high-quality portable and standby generators for many applications

Survival appliances,
camping/ recreation, on the job site 
Small Standby

Major appliances/ some rooms powered in a grid outage

Large Standby

Power entire home or business for several days during an outage

Power-heavy machinery and large facilities 

Check out some of our recent generator projects:

Residential Cummins generator installation 



This residential generator provides backup power to an entire home with a 400 amp service. To meet the needs of the homeowner, we installed a propane-fueled Cummins

generator that connects to the web, allowing the owner to manage and monitor everything from an app on their phone.

Prices Fork Pump Station 


This new facility provides

for the growing water demands of the New River Valley. The project included installing a 300-kilowatt Cummins diesel- fired generator and automatic transfer switch. It's capable of supplying enough power for three 100-horsepower pumps during a grid outage.


Town of Christiansburg Belmont Pump Station

We replaced an older Kohler generator set with a new 100-kilowatt diesel-fired Catepillar unit and laid a new concrete slab. This project included installing a new automatic transfer switch to ensure a seamless transition of power in the event of an outage.