LED Lighting

We offer commercial & residential LED upfits

Should I switch to LED?

Are LEDs bulbs better than incandescent?
  • LEDs consume 90% less power- extremely energy efficient!

  • More rugged and durable - great for exterior lighting

  • Excellent color rendering, wide range of temperatures 

  • Can last up to 20 years, saving money and the hassle of maintenance

How much money can I save by switching?
  • It depends on what bulbs you are converting from (ex: fluorescent, halogen, incandescent) but it is not uncommon to see a 70% reduction in the lighting portion of your electric bill

  • Calculate your potential savings with this online calculator tool from Philips Lighting

Aren't LEDs more expensive?
  • A single LED bulb is about $4 more in initial costs. But with a monthly usage savings of $1.25, you can recoup that cost in just over 3 months

Things to Know


LED bulbs are now available for almost any purpose. Spotlight-style bulbs, chandelier-shaped bulbs, three-way bulbs, smart and color-changing models, Edison-style and LED strip lights are all on the market, plus many more!


Many LED bulbs are dimmable, unlike early LEDs and the vast majority of compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs). Make sure to buy dimmers compatible with LEDs and verify the LEDs you are buying are labeled "dimmable".


The early LEDs often shed a cold, bright-white light. Newer LED bulbs are branded as "soft white" or "warm white" and glow just like an old-fashioned incandescent. Look for a color temperature of 2,700 - 4,000 Kelvin.

There are a wide range of LED temperatures
to accommodate any application!




Warmer                                                                          Cooler


Warm White



Natural White

Direct Sun


Cool White



Very cool




Blue Sky

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